The Association of Design Education is a professional association that promotes excellence in the fields of interior redesign education (one day decorating education), interior design education, real estate staging education, and home staging education, including certified education and certificate programs such as Certified Decorating Professional training.  The ADE professional association also provides professional support to interior decorators, interior redesigners, home stagers and real estate stagers through continuing education, certification and certificate programs, teleclasses, webinars, classes, workshops, seminars, and home study programs.
ADE is the largest professional association for design professionals and design related educational programs in the design industry.  Through the Association of Design Education, instructors with extensive experience offer classes, seminars, workshops, teleclasses, teleseminars, webinars, certificate programs and certification, home study courses and continuing education in interior redesign education, interior decorating education, real estate staging education, home staging education, certificate programs such as the Certified Decorating Professional certification program, and design business education.

As professional interior decorators, interior redesigners, certified decorating professionals, real estate stagers, and home stagers, Association of Design Education members are a great resource for homeowners looking to hire a qualified and professional interior redesigner (one day decorator), interior decorator, certified decorating professional, real estate stager or home stager.  Whatever your interior decorating, interior redesign, home staging, or real estate staging need, we invite you to contact our Association of Design Education professional members and education affiliates.

 Professional Educational Programs in Interior
Redesign, Home Staging and Interior Decorating

If you are an interior redesigner, one day decorator, interior decorator, real estate stager or home stager, or provide qualified interior redesign training, interior decorating training, certified decorating professional training, real estate staging training, or home staging training through teleclasses, webinars, certificate programs, classes, workshops, seminars, certification or continuing education training and education programs, we invite you to join the Association of Design Education professional association for the design industry.



Local Support

Browse through the Association of Design Education website to learn about the design training, support, and continuing education we provide in such areas as home staging training, real estate staging training, certified decorating professional certification, interior decorating training, and interior redesign training (one day decorating training).
Online Education

Our monthly teleseminars, webinars, and chats are now open to the public!

Join us Tuesday November 8th from 7-8 pm ET for our webinar "The Power of Placement: Office and Desk" with Sybilla Lenz of Positive Living by Design.

(Free for members)

The Association of Design Education (ADE) was formed to promote excellence in the field of specialized design education. We offer continuing education and ongoing support to today's design professional.

Why ADE? Because we know how important it is to find quality programs that educate and support today's design entrepreneur and decorating enthusiast. We also know how important it is for interior redesigners, interior decorators, and home stagers (real estate stagers) to have a helping hand when beginning and growing a successful decorating business. If you are a decorating professional who would like us to extend that helping hand, please submit your application here.

If you're looking for a design professional, please visit our business directory. Each of our members offers an array of interior decorating and design services.

Our Member Benefits Include:

  • Access to our Member Center and Resource Library.
  • Free Monthly Webinars hosted by industry leaders on a variety of topics. See our schedule of speakers to the right.
  • Free mentoring from one of our Trainers or experienced Professional Members.
  • Access to Presentation Materials to jump-start your marketing.
  • A business listing on our website to gain exposure.

...and more! Click here for a complete list of Member Benefits.

Submit your application here.

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